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My doctor reads my posts (and puts them in my file)

Hi. I am posting under a new username, I've been on these boards for awhile.

I know nothing is private on the internet. My "real" username is very close to my real name, I talk about things in my posts that would make it pretty easy for my care team to recognize me, I may of even mentioned my doctors by name. I know all about not expecting privacy online, so I've always kept my posts kind of generic. I'm not ashamed of anything I've ever posted.

This summer I was in for a transfusion. My chart was in the room, and I was curious about the last BMB I had, so I looked in it. Imagine my surprise when under a tab labeled, "correspondence", was a copy of one of my posts on this board!

I found the incident to be... I don't know... stalkerish. Which is why I'm using a different username. Also, to put this in my file assumes they are confirming it's me. Yes, my username is close to my name, but not a guarantee.

I was just wondering you all's opinion of this. Did you realize your healthcare provider read this board? Should I ask them about it? What should I say? The evil twin side of me thought of posting something along the lines of, "I'm REALLY attracted to my doctor what should I do?" and see what the next visit was like. heehee. But, I didn't.
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