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Password tips

Three rules for password safety:
  1. Use strong passwords. Hackers use brute force password-guessing software that can test millions of passwords in a split second, so passwords should be long and contain a mixture of lowercase letters, uppercase letters, digits, and punctuation symbols.

    Passwords like "123456" and "abc1234" and "iloveyou" were never good choices, but these days even a password like KidsRTheGr8est will eventually be found by hackers. Passwords should not contain words from the dictionary or personal names or numbers, such as your dog's name or your house number or birth year. The best passwords are completely random strings, like keRx@s0O+ig7*pY7hiEn.

  2. Change your passwords routinely, not just when there's scary news about security. Need a rule of thumb? Change your passwords (and your smoke alarm batteries) when Daylight Savings Time starts and ends.

  3. Never use the same password for different services or websites. If somebody guesses your Flickr password they shouldn't also have your online banking password!

Remembering Passwords

When you use very strong passwords they get harder to remember. Nobody can remember a password like keRx@s0O+ig7*pY7hiEn. But you don't have to if you use these tricks:
  1. Record your passwords in a safe place rather than trying to remember them all.

  2. Let websites remember you. For example, if you check the "Remember Me?" checkbox when you log into Marrowforums from your home computer, you won't be prompted for your password again unless you decide to log out.

  3. Use a password manager, which is software that can generate random passwords and then remember and even type them for you. Password managers include 1Password, KeePass, and LastPass.
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