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Hi Hawaii Bill:

I did a search on Google for Sirolimus and found 583,000 hits. Reading just the first four entries made me decide that I wouldn't touch that stuff with a thirteen-foot pole. There could be a 1% chance that the people running the trial might really know what they are doing but, even if that were the case, I would advise extreme caution.

Some of our members have posted about another site:

When I logged on I was amazed to discover that AA is an autoimmune disease. The first thing to do after being so amazed is to go to Google and search for "autoimmune aplastic anemia". (219,000 hits) There must be something out there that will reprogram the immune system to recognize "self" and also be able to find stuff that tends to get past the normal system.

There was a trial at UCSF for an immune system reprogramer that was aimed against multiple sclerosis, another autoimmune disease. I think the trial is over and I am eager to see the final report. If this drug works for MS it might work for dozens of other autoimmune diseases like, you know, AA.

Maybe your doc could get an early copy of the final report.

Best wishes ---
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