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Thanks David. Your advice is right on target. Ed is now Day t+39. So far so...okay. In the first three weeks he spent 7 days in hospital for sepsis, and then another few days for fever of unknown origin. Both resolved, thanks God!
Engraftment started about day 21 (normal for marrow as source of cells) WBC/ANC first to come up, then platelets zooming up, RBC/Hg taking it's own sweet time but headed up. And WBC did a u turn after granix removed, but seems to slowly be climbing now. Now suspected aGVHD of the gut, endoscopy scheduled this Tuesday. Weight loss and difficulty eating are the primary concerns for now. To us, things seem harsh, but doctor says in the big picture Ed looks great and is doing great. Thankful for each day!
How are you doing now? Kathleen
Kathleen, adoring wife of Ed 67 yo, Dx April 2017 MDS RAEB2, no chromosomal mutations, as of August 2017 only supplement therapy, living and loving each day.
October 2018 started Decitabine, "exceptional response", MUD HSCT May 7, 2019.
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