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Question Gyn apt... $$... planning things??

Well....had a basic screening that really was uhm basic summary that the gyn didn't particularly like.... and addressed other issues.

Gyn on Thursday said that he wants me to have, within six months, a diagnostic mammogram with ultrasound. It shouldn't be too pricey so that is good. Hoping that my sisters Brac Analysis will suffice because I don't have the $$ for that especially with the other stuff...

On July 10th I go in for a uterine/endometrial biopsy along with ultrasounds. Not sure on price but I believe it is affordable.

However.... he impressed much more seriously this year than last year that he really wants me to have the Hysteroscopy with DNC. The problem is that the charge is roughly $12,000 with $6,000 upfront. I don't have anywhere near that amount especially since I lost one of my adjunct positions because of the school no longer being made into a new entity. Not sure how I am supposed to come up with the money but with everything that has happened with family I do believe i need to. Le Sigh!

He was glad to hear I was on an iron supplement and said that the menorrhagia is having some effect but I also know I have been having that since 2004 and it is not as bad as it used to be (well depending on how you look at it).
He also, upon seeing other family history, wants me to go back and ask the Hematologist to do the genetic screening of Factor 2, Factor 5, and MTHFR.
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