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High ferritin levels and Exjade

Hi, my name is Peter and this is my first post.

I have CLL (Leukaemia) and my bone barrow is blocked with white blood cells so that the erythrocytes, the oxygen carrying red blood cells, cannot reproduce. I have had blood transfusions every two weeks for over a year to support my haemoglobin. I have had ferritin levels of about 2500 for six months. I take Exjade which does not seem to lower the ferritin levels a lot. I could take more but a higher dose upsets my stomach. At some point my body will suffer not from CLL but from the iron overload.

My treatment seems to have stalled. I'd like to find out if there are any other options to get out of living my life in two weeks blood-transfusion dependent cycles.

Suggestions, sharing of similar experiences and advice appreciated. I want to formulate some questions for the next appointment with my doctor,

Thanks, Peter
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