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Originally Posted by Birgitta-A View Post
Hi Peter,
Thank you for all info about shark liver oil and omega-3 fatty acids - I have seen very good results with shark liver oil myself in children with leukemia many year ago but I dare not take it myself due to the low potential risk for bleeding. You know infections and bleedings are the two main death causes in MDS.
Kind regards
Hi Birgitta-A,

Thank you for your post.

I can understand your reasons why you do not use shark liver oil(SLO) in MDS owing to the fear of bleeding.

I have observed in at least one case of AML where the patient finally subcummed to pneumonia as a related disease, and he was trying a lot of other things in the last week as he was deemed terminal, and that included taking shark liver oil and a host of other supplements. To this day, I'm reminded of the reports of SLO induced pneumonia in pigs and had always wondered whether the SLO was in any way a contributory factor in this case. However, I have also read about the better response to the use of SLO in many reports and especially that of squalene. To this day, my son takes 1000mg of SLO daily as a supplement and has rarely been sick.

I wish the best of health to everyone on this forum
Peter Lim, Dad to Stan, age 17 at time of dx Feb 2002VSAA; tx. ATG, cyclosporine, predisone; alternative herbal supplm & shark liver oil, off all meds 5/2002 normal blood counts. Only on shark liver oil.
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