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Clinical Trial or continue Vidaza???

We had a very unsettling visit with our second opinion doctor today. He wants my husband to come off the Vidaza (my husband has had 5 cycles (months) of Vidaza with no improvement and he wants him to go into a clinical trial. The doctor said most people respond to Vidaza by the second cycle.
I've read and others have said that it took more than five months for the Vidaza to work for them.
My husband has never had to have a transfusion. His platelets have bounced between a low of 38,000 up to 60,000 since his diagnosis of MDS in May 2010. His WBC's and RBC's are normal. He does have three chromosome abnormalities.
Our thoughts are to continue the Vidaza for at least three more cycles with our regular oncologist. And if there is still no improvement then, we can consider other options.
The second opinion doctor said that there was only one slot left in this clinical trial study, so to let him know by Monday if my husband wanted to participate.
So what would you do if it were you? This is all so unsettling and scary. I really would appreciate any thoughts from any of you that have been down this road or are traveling along with us.
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