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PNH financial help

Yes, Alexion does have help for PNH patients in need of financial assistance. I was just diagnosed with PNH within last 2 weeks. My doctor had to submit paperwork to the insurance company ( I am insured) and the pharmaceutical company, so they could coordinate the financial issues. A wonderful nurse case manager was assigned to my case immediately and gave me good news on Friday about approval. I was dx'd SAA in 2010 and went into remission after h-ATG and cyclosporine regimin. Had a bout with cancer last year and platelets have been falling ever since. Dr thinks the PNH could be the main culprit and wants to start me on Silaris immediately to see if that will turn the platelet issue around. If not, then that points more toward the reoccurence of the AA and I'll probably be facing another round of immunosuppressive treatment. Please encourage your former wife to contact Alexion through the Onesource Treatment program they offer. She can get a lot of helpful free info about PNH and all the options by calling them at 888-765-4747.
Donna, age 44, diagnosed AA 9/30/10; treated h-ATG 10/3/10 and cyclosporine to 2012; Oct 2012 Duodenal cancer/Whipple procedure; 7/29/13 diagnosed PNH; July 2014 stable but very low HgB & Platelets(25-35)-Cyclosporine; Prednisone and bi-weekly soliris infusions
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