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More details

I have to apologize for sounding like spam. Yes I will admit that it is in a network marketing setup. I guess some of this comes from my own ignorance of other people's experience. Where Doc Wallach helped my wife so well, and you know it's a B'12 and folate deficiency, why aren't more doctors treating it from that direction. I can honestly say that the reason I'm hitting so many blogs is because it really makes me feel awful that I see so many people going through such a hard time with the transfusions and immunosuppression therapy. And I don't know what the answer is when the levels get low enough, I think we may have caught it earlier than a lot of people do, but I still feel that Youngevity could do a lot to help.

My wife was a vegetarian for years which we both believe to have contributed to it. However, we put her counts an a spreadsheet when this started happening, and we really feel like the main cause of her AA was the proton pump inhibitors (acid reflux medication) that she was put on, and heavy doses of it. Later we found out that she didn't even have acid reflux.

Any way, that's a different story. Doc did focus on her diet as well as digestion issues. He had her go gluten free, no soda pop 1 hour before or two hours after meals (she simply gave up the 1 or 2 cans a day of soda pop), digestive enzymes with every meal, flora (good bugs for the intestines) in the evening, this was all to reestablish her digestive system. For the B12 and folic acid he put her on two scoops twice a day of the Beyond Tangy Tangerine (BTT) (it's a mix you put in water) and one D-Stress capsule per meal (we found that my wife was sensitive to the velarian root in the Distress as it's a calming herb, it made her depressed). So she found a doctor that would give her a prescription for B-12 injections. Doc also recommended 3 essential fatty acid gel caps with each meal, but she couldn't take that many due to bruising so she started at one per day. She's now up to three EFAs (2 fish oils and one primrose oil) per day. He also started her on his calcium/magnesium formula, 1oz 2x per day, called Beyond Osteo-FX.

I understand you are concerned about iron, is this because of a buildup from blood transfusions? I had another guy mention this. BTTs have 1 mg of iron in it, but it's balanced with copper. If I remember right, you would have to confirm this, but I believe copper can be used to deplete high iron levels. But it has to be the right form of copper. Once again, that's going on memory, not any of Doc's instructions, and I'm definitely not a doctor.

I will gladly give you more details if you want. Usually if you type in Youngevity Beyond Tangy Tangerine Nutrition, you will find a page that shows all of his ingredients. I will send you a link as soon as I figure out how. I'm real new to this blogging thing, and I'm not the best with computers (good thing I picked mechanical engineering as as career, not computer science)

The one thing that has really impressed me about Doc Wallach is his knowledge on co-factors required for the the body to make use of each thing, i.e. calcium/magnesium/boron etc. He has a lot of years of research into them, and he used that knowledge to build his formulas. His book of a lot of his founding research is in the Smithsonian Institute (yes, please verify it for yourself, because it is a huge claim). It's Joel Wallach, the book is titled something like DISEASES OF EXOTIC ANIMALS.

His minerals and vitamins come from a mine in Utah. It's a bed of ancient vegetation, rich in nutrients and void of poisons. And his standards of excellence for his vitamins are high enough that he has a book published comparing his stuff to other top notch vitamin brands.

If you want to know more just let me know. I will try to remain diligent about checking on the blog. You also welcome to check out the Youngevity Webinar, every Tuesday at 7:15 mountain time, or either of his two radio shows every weekday, I think they start at 1. Once again, if you need more details, let me know. Doc also has videos and interviews on YouTube that I have seen.

Anything I can do to help, AA sucks, like so many other things. But this one hit close to home and it grates on me that it didn't have to happen. No one should have to suffer, I wish I knew and could do more. If you want to know Sheri's numbers, I'll look them up and post later, it's getting late and I want to have my facts straight.

God bless,
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