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Hi all,

Interesting to watch & hear. I had read about Vitamin K2/D3 combination therapy earlier, now giving it a try. I have got Vitamin K2 from Thorne Research, through Also the curcumin my mother is using is Meriva from Thorne Research. Glad both products were referrred to in the presentation. She has been tolerating the curcumin well, K2 has just been started@ 5 mg X 3 times/day. Will build this up gradually to the 15 mg X 3 times/day dose. Its a tasteless liquid and easy to take.

Yet need to understand the MTFHR issue. Is the Folate level in the blood, sufficient to determine a deficiency or are there other tests? My mothers Folate is in high normal range, last tested, few months back. Any advice will be appreciated.

Mother age 79, dx MDS RCMD low risk del 20q April 2013, no response to EPO, Danazol. pRBC tx dependent - 2 units every 3-4 weeks, exjade Dec 2013 - Mar2014, restarted Dec 2014
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