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Hi Marlene, thanks for responding.

My mother has a vegan diet, yet her B12 has always shown normal(low normal) and folate a mid to high normal. The B12 values always surprised me since she takes no known source of B12. After MDS dx, she has started taking B12 supplement, even though her doctor did not think she needed it. I will go thru the link you have recommended.
D3- She started with a weekly dose of D3 - 60,000 IU for 8 weeks, after 4 weeks her levels went up from a 15(below normal) to 37(normal range 25 - 100 i think). After 8 weekly doses, she now takes the same dose fortnightly. Its a 1 gm sachet, of Cholecalciferol.Have not had it retested beyond 4 weeks, its an expensive test and we have no insurance in India. Every test/treatment is self funded.
The presentation and the Japanese study mention 0.750 mcg/day. In what form can D3 be taken at this dose? I need to figure this out.

Mother age 79, dx MDS RCMD low risk del 20q April 2013, no response to EPO, Danazol. pRBC tx dependent - 2 units every 3-4 weeks, exjade Dec 2013 - Mar2014, restarted Dec 2014
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