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Hi Mseth, Marlene

Yes I was reliant on transfusions for a year or so, Hg was down to 6.7 when diagnosed. I'd say my MDS is mild as in it used to go down 1-2 points a month rather than each week, and cytogenetics are normal.

I started v cautiously with the Thorne K2 drops and am now on these at 45mg daily
I think it took about 4 weeks for my blood count to improve slightly, and I relapsed when I stopped taking it so I must have a higher than normal need for it.

I also take vit D3 in the winter (3000iu spray), and 1mg B12 (methylcobalamin form), emulsified vitamin A (in small doses), shark liver oil, probiotics, magnesium, and wheatgrass. Diet-wise, I avoid gluten, cows milk and beans as much as possible, as these aggravate. I used to be almost vegan, but have found that I do better on a more paleo-style diet.

Mseth - from what I understand about gallbladder removal this can cause severe Bile Acid Malabsorption, so there may well be a link here.

Good luck everyone! x
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