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Good to hear from you Bob and welcome. I too have CMML and as you probably know it's not too common. I fought MDS for 7 years and February last year by BMB show signs of worsening. I was on Darbepoetin Alfa which is supposed to be a red blood booster, but after almost a year it became obvious it was NOT working for me. My Onc decided after another BMB it was time for more drastic measures and I have had 5 cycles of Vidaza and go in this Monday and start on cycle #6. Then they say it usually takes 6 cycles to have a handle or inkling as to whether it's working or not. So far the blood numbers haven't budged much, but I do seem to have a little less fatigue and a little more energy to do things. Alas, no more golf though.
Keep me posed on you progress and I will do the same.
Dick from just south of Orlando.
Dick S, diagnosed Feb. 2008 with MDS. Last BMB April 2016. New diagnosis is CMML stage 1.
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