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I just found your message and was wondering how your daughter is doing. I only check up on here every couple of months. My daughter was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia but was showing MDS traits so she was technically borderline and they did the transplant as soon as possible because her brother was a 10/10 match. She had some changes in her cells but I'm not sure whether or not her chromosomes were affected before the transplant. She was transplanted 2 years ago, with no major problems. She has a large lymph node they are watching in her neck and some dry skin, which they are attributing to GVHD but other than that she is a normal healthy 8 year old. I had a hard time finding children with this disease also. If you would like to talk, my email is I check that much more frequently than I do this. THanks, Nicole
Nicole, mother of Alicia age 7; diagnosed ITP 4/06, AA 7/06, MDS 11/06, BMT 1/13/07, no treatments prior to transplant
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