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Research Study Seeking Vietnam War-Era Veterans with MDS

Researchers at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Brigham & Women's Hospital are recruiting 100 to 120 MDS patients who were presumptively exposed to Agent Orange (as defined by the Veterans Administration) between 1962 and 1975.

The goal of this study is to better understand the potential contribution of exposures in the Vietnam conflict to subsequent acquisition of MDS, a very important question that has been repeatedly brought up in these forums.

Study participation is free and involves filling out a short online questionnaire and providing blood and saliva samples at a local medical facility, using a kit that will be provided. The samples will be used for genetic study. You'll have to check with your local medical facility to learn whether they will charge to collect the samples.

If you want to learn of the study results, be sure to indicate that you want the researchers to contact you after the study.

If you are interested in participating in the study, or learning more about it, see and review the FAQ.

To read the consent form and register for the study, click here.
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