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Okay... I was diagnosed on March 15 with T-cell LGL leukemia. Marrow cellularity went from 5% in Jan., 2016 to 75% in March, 2017. I am feeling pretty "punk." I have nosebleeds every day and the bone marrow biopsy site bled for a full 4 weeks before it finally stopped!

I had an appointment with Dr. Bixby on March 24 and he sort of said, "This is no big deal." The LGLL was diagnosed by means of a bone marrow biopsy at Henry Ford Hospital, to which I will not return.

I was scheduled for a revisit with Dr. Bixby on June 28, but - as he does with so many appointments - he cancelled that and pushed it back into July.

Now, I am not comfortable with any of this. I really don't have family or friends who wish to discuss it at all except to tell me I need to take some Vitamin K or iron pills...

Any thoughts? Thank you.

Margaret, SAA patient diagnosed 1972; ATG 1987; moderate AA for years; hep. C from transfusion 1987; now SAA is back.
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