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MDS Treatments in India

Raj - I am curious to know how your dad is doing.
My FIL in India (69 yrs) was diagnosed with MDS (8% blasts) in July 2011. He was put on Cyclosporin and Thalidomide from Sept 2011. We chose this drug therapy over ATG - since we thought ATG was an extreme form of therapy. He seemed to be responding well to it - He needed 2 units of PRBC per month and his Hb hovered around 6. The last blood count however was a Hb of 4.
Our doctor suggests vidaza therapy which sounds no better than ATG.
Did your dad go straight to vidaza therapy or was he offered atg therapy first? Did any of his docs (or any doc in India) suggest that BMT is a good option at that age?
We hate having to switch him back and forth - but pray that he is always getting the best of all options.
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