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Today I am getting a platelet transfusion for the first time since November!
They were 21k yesterday--quite shock since they had been holding in the
40's and up. And since I am now on 300 mg of Danazol....??????

I think it is the Revlimid....and my blood transfusions are more frequent now, which is the opposite of what the outcome is supposed to be. I'm also having these red splotches, more GI issues and wondering if it is counter productive....and how long I should wait before giving it a chance to work?
The best numbers I had a few weeks ago was when I was off the Revlimid....

Any input?
Cheri Age 54; dx Oct 2009 AML, induction chemo only;dx MDS July 2010,- PRBC transfusion dependent; Results BMB 8/4/11--- 6-8% blasts; Danazol 100 mg 3xday; quit Exjade/ GI distress; platelets holding 40's; Fluctuation in blasts in blood--Neupogen 3-4xweek; off Revlimid again! Procrit weekly
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