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Low hgb

Thanks everyone for your quick response. He had his first transfusion of 2units on 28th June when his hgb was at 7.5. Last month's report showed the hgb to be at 8.2 and we got his CBC done today which shows a big decline from 8.2 to 7 which is really concerning. His WBC is 5600 & platelet 320,000. His overall health condition is good and he feels absolutely normal hence the doctor has suggested us to delay transfusion for some more time. Is this kind of fluctuation normal with MDS? Any suggestions of what should be the best step we should take now?
Father 72, diagnosed MDS RCMD June 2011. HGB 5.5, WBC 7.2, Plt 400 Cytogenetics Normal. Blast cell count 2% ( July 2012 ). Currently on Danazol, Ferritin 750
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