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When I read NO FLUSH niacin....I thought it meant you didn't pee it out . I already take B6 tablets, Folic Acid tablets and B12 injections all prescribed by my GP.

I'll definitely ask my doctor about the niacin. I had a fright a few nights ago when my temp went up to 38.1 with neuts of 0.17 but I took some Nurofen and in the morning everything was ok again.

I had an eye test today and I was told I have scotoma ? and that my optic nerves don't look normal. I've been referred to a neuro ophthalmologist. The joke is.....the closest appointment is over four months away.

I had a blood test today and I'm really curious about the results. I feel better today than for the last few weeks. I cheated a little and didn't drink any fluids before the test so the results look a little better, naughty hey?

Keep well every one.


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