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Watching and waiting is good 90% of the time. Then of course if there's an unwell day, I guess we all wonder if the "sword of Damocles" is about to fall! That's where the word "watch" becomes extra important. My last BMB was nearly 3 years ago and it was horrible, with no sedation and 5 attempts to get through the hip bone, however I personally think it's time for another - just for reassurance if anything. I'm hoping my haematologist will agree.
Dx MDS RAEB 10% blasts + hypogammaglobulinemia, Sep 2011. Jan 2012 BMB - blasts down to 2% w/out treatment so BMT cancelled. Re-diagnosis RCMD. Watch and wait from Feb 2012. IVIg 5-weekly. New diagnosis Oct 2019 AML 23% blasts in marrow, 10% blasts in peripheral blood.
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