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You dare to impugn my honesty?

Put up or shut up you two, ballie (with his hospital chart and 800+ comments) & rar (never set foot in the 'Nam), because I "didn't make up statistics". My statistics are 100% verifiable and many came directly from Freedom of Information Act requests I filed and were directly answered by Veterans Affairs and the rest from scientific publications.

There are a few comments that came from emails from Ms. Mary Ellen McCarthy who was the then executive assistant to the United States Senate Veterans Affairs Committee. They are duly noted.

On the CD I have supplied to so many veterans and widows of veterans, each and every comment concerning statistics is footnoted and "hyperlinked" to assist in locating the original source.

The are NO I think or I feel comments.

As far as tobacco smoke being the cause of MDS I withhold any judgement on that. Any one ignorant enough to smoke should rather thank God for MDS and not lung cancer.

Someday perhaps David Steensma might share how this AO / MDS study came about and what the impetus might have been?

When the Executive Director of the Aplastic Anemia/MDS International Foundation is willing to say this about you, get back to me!

Now about Bob:
Aside from the fact that he has done more for Vietnam vets with MDS , their spouses and widows than anyone else on the planet , he is still a rascal and can often be a pain in the posterior.

Let there be no mistake, you do something to stand in the way of a veteran or widow of a veteran, and I will be the biggest pain in the ass you have ever known.

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