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hello to everyone!

i haven't been on the forum in forever. My appeal was granted by a federal judge for survivor benefits. In my defense, i addressed each denial with unemotional facts. David Stensma, MD reviewed my husbands medical records and wrote a review which I presented . My husband's original specialist who saw and diagnosed him in 1992 with MDS suggested i change my research strategy from a direct connection between AO and MDS and research bone marrow failure, blood proteins i did and found a whole new world of connections. I wrote to scientists and medical researchers worldwide quoting their research and drawing comparisons between their conclusions and my husband's medicals asking them to please write their opinions to me- several did and were in my favor. I used these as support documents for my appeal.

The VA no longer researches blood or diseases related to AO, that ceased in 2015. Each claim must stand on its own merit, proof sources. There is nothing fair or easy in dealing with BVA AND it is not impossible. I am waiting to hear from the regional VA...I have waited 17 years what's another 9 months??? Until that fat lady sings I do not believe I won justice for my husband, i will not let my guard down and i continue to research.

If anyone is interested in any of the peer reviewed, scientific/medical articles i have let me know and i will forward them to you. The research scientists were delighted that their work may actually help someone, may solve a puzzle, may be applied in someone's life- they are a great bunch of people.

Bob, my dear friend, glad to hear you are still fighting! I will never stop either. much love
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