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The Dr we saw in Portland ran a whole slew of tests and we are still waiting for the results. He is testing for leaky gut too. I am certain Henry has/had all kinds of yeast overgrowth going on in there and am just waiting to get the results. Some of his tests are being run through Great Plains Lab. I am working on getting other vitamins in to his diet. He does not eat bad food at all but rather is missing things like protein (just really started to get that in with chicken). You are full of great info, thank you (I love it!).

On a side note my husband and I really believe that a lot of this is tied together, autism, gut issues, AA. I'm not sure if we're totally crazy but just something is telling us that. Do you think it helps to know the cause of AA or do you think that it doesn't matter, instead what matters is the treatment now. Henry went through a period where he ate non food items (pica). He ingested carpet and upon research I have found that carpet has benzene in it. Thoughts???
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