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Originally Posted by leesa View Post
As far as her siblings donors go... her 3 years younger brother has got a few medical issues going on I'm not really sure what exactly they all are... and her 2 year older sister has had four children but would appear to be healthier than the brother... I'm not sure if we would pick the donor or is that something the doctors would do after examining both of themů?
Once the doctors learn who is available as a donor (related or unrelated) they make a recommendation based on the medical tradeoffs while considering both the health of the donor and the patient. Since there is such a minimal risk to the donor, chances are that either your aunt or uncle could be an eligible donor, even if your uncle has more medical issues than your aunt. The reason they consider pregnancies is that mothers-to-be accumulate additional antibodies that men or never-pregnant women wouldn't. It seems unlikely that the doctors would have absolutely no opinion and leave the choice entirely up to the family, but if that happens then either choice would be fine, so you still shouldn't have to worry about it!
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