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my partner's blood counts since 2000.

Hello everyone,

Well, I've got time to kill until Nov. 6th bone marrow analysis results. I've been doing research in the mean time. I poured over my partner's blood test results since 2000. He is one of the most organized people you've ever met so it was easy to find these records. Here is what I found:

WBC: 2.8 which is relatively unchanged since 2000 when it was still 2.8 (it is a little below normal, yes?)
RBC: flirts with the normal or just below since 2000. Around 3.6 to 3.8 since 2000.
neutrophils: 1638 relatively unchanged since 2000
platelets: normal

Really these counts were all going up and down for nine years, they weren't going down the whole time which would suggest a falling pattern, but they were always a little low arround the same level for nine years. I don't know what they were before 2000 because I don't those records.

Doc said that his white cells are displastic though.

Is this good, not good, or meaningless?

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