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I understand to a point what your going to. I am the one with the disease and I sure have found out who my close friends are. I feel the same about trying to talk to someone and they listen for a minute and then they are off on their own lives and plans. I understand that everyone has their own lives but it would be nice to just talk to one person who gets it and doesn't say they know what we're going through, and that it will work out.

You and your partner are in my prayers for your next appointment. This website has been a great place for me to go because nobody I know is going through this and I can read others' experiences and relate. Have you tried to speak with your pastor? That might help.

In my thoughts and prayers, Lee
Lee-39 years old-AA,PNH and chromosome 12 disorder-1 rabbit ATG treatment and 1 horse ATG treatment. Getting my bone marrow transplant on November 23, 2010!!!! Counts as of 12-27-10 HGB 12.0, WBC 7.8, platelets 80, Neut# 3.9(12-24-10)!!! Just a touch of GVHD but back home!

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