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Chromosomes & toxicity

I forgot to add:

Tey did not do the chromosome testing as the marrow was negative for Leukimia.

They are currently testing for toxicity due to lead etc...

Family history is very scarce - My mother only recently learned her mother was adopted, her father was not her father. My biological paternal side is not well known nor are they available to talk to & my hubby's parents "don't have health issues, apparently we are all quacks when it comes to needed medical care...hard to swallow as I myself am diabled with Myofascial pain, Fibromyagia, Partial complex seizures, Anemia, Allergies, Bones that break from walking, osteoarthritis, polyinflammitory arthritis, early onset menopause and yes I am beginning to think they have misdiagnosed me and that many of my symptoms are really something else..
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