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Hi, Nicole.

Welcome to Marrowforums. Congratulations on your daughter's successful transplant and quick return to some normal activities--even a birthday party! When I had my transplant in 1998, I wasn't allowed near anyone, especially children who are often the carriers of colds and other nasty germs, for the first 100 days. Quarantine was the word of the day for me.

Your harrowing experience with Alicia's rapidly deteriorating bone marrow is a familiar one around here. You said:
These diagnosis are difficult because they don't really fit into the category of cancer but what else could they be classified as?
We call them "bone marrow failure diseases". They are not really cancers because the there is no unchecked growth of cells, but it's true that MDS can progress to acute leukemia, so the boundaries between the diseases are not always well-defined. What AA, MDS, and even ITP, have in common is that they result from the failure of the bone marrow to produce enough blood cells or blood cells that function properly.

How is Alicia's doing now on this 3-month anniversary of her transplant?

Ruth Cuadra
Diagnosed AA 10/96, MDS/RA 6/98, MUD/BMT 10/6/98
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