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It's very tough to make decisions when you have a choice of treatments, you can't predict the responses, and you have financial limitations as well. You are asking the right questions, but I don't know the answers.

Can your mom's doctors take your financial situation into consideration when making their recommendations? You need trustworthy medical advice based on your mother's specific case, but it has to be practical advice too, meaning affordable treatment.

Your mom's recovery could take many months. If this situation happened to me, I would probably consider which treatments we could afford over at least 3 to 6 months, not just for the next few weeks.

I know there are patient assistance programs in India. Have you tried contacting whichever pharmaceutical company provides eltrombopag in India (GlaxoSmithKline? Novartis?) to see if you are eligible for their patient assistance program?

Be sure that your mom takes routine precautions to avoid bruising or bleeding. Here, for example, are some tips on living with a low platelet count.
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