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Hi Deb,

Are your counts pretty much normal now? Why does your doctor suspect MDS? The only way to diagnose MDS is from a bone marrow biopsy - so if your counts are nearly normal and your doctor doesn't seem too concerned about getting a BMB then maybe you don't have too much to worry about at the moment - eating a good diet sounds good under any circumstances - and there may be some nutritional supplements and/or tests you doc can do to look for things like a vitamin d deficiency - there are other posts on the board about nutrients that can be low that might impact blood counts - I'm not an expert in that regard.

Sounds like your doctor is watching your counts to see if she needs to do more tests - not necessarily watching for MDS to develop. How are you feeling? You can drive yourself crazy looking up stuff on the internet - so you should be careful about that too.

Hopefully this is all a worrisome glitch and not necessarily something serious.

Lower risk MDS diagnosed 2012. Recurring skin nodules treated with prednisone, otherwise watch and wait. HG dropped from 11.5 to 8.7. Kept going down to 5. Vidaza didn't work. BMT from MUD on September 10 2015
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