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Wink raising neutrophils

Hi Chirley,
Do you live outside the U.S.? I ask because the hemoglobin numbers don't correlate with the numbers I'm used to, like currently, my HgB is 6.5. I will get another transfusion in 2 days, but sadly, they don't seem to work very well anymore. About the neuts............I raised mine on several occasions by taking no-flush niacin, a B vitamin. There's a medical paper from a doctor in Germany that explained how this works. 2 weeks ago, my neuts were 0, now they're 222,000. Make sure you get the NO-FLUSH niacin so you don't get any reactions, like flushing. I take double the recommended dose. If you want the paper from Germany, I'll try to find it.
Ellen, age 68; dx. 5/00 with chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Transfusion dependent since 1/11. Now have low platelets of 25, and, very reluctantly will start on Exjade due to SF of 1700. Worried about side effects, because of warnings from Novartis.
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