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Platelets are hovering between 66 and 78 which in consideration of "others" is good. But, for me that is about 40-50 below what my old average was (115-125). My MPV is also still running with levels of 6.6 and 6.8 though my clotting factors are fine.

WBC, RBC, HCT, HGB, MCV, and RDW are all still in normal ranges which again helps to decrease chance of anything major. My Lymph % is still running 2-10% above normal. Creatinine and Calcium borderline low but not below normal for a few months. Globulin low and A/G Ratio high. Total Billi, AST, and ALT high.
My B12 when it was checked a couple months ago was at 269 and the range provided was 200 to 1200. C-reactive was 1.5 with range <.8 so almost twice as high.

I was put on Metformin for my glucose levels as I finally got a fasting number above 120. It isn't giving much in the way of side effects.

While after the transvag. ultrasound things stopped for a week or so well now problems are back though different. It is brown and occasionally clotty pretty much every day just not as heavy as before the transvag. Still don't have money or likelihood of it for awhile to get a hysteroscopy (camera procedure) to take a look inside. But if something comes up from the bone marrow biopsy who knows it could shed some light.

Did get to talk a bit more with the hematologist though about liver enzyme levels when I went in for the biopsy. My endocrinologist said that the diabetes explained the high levels along with my weight. The thing is that my highest liver enzyme levels was back when I first got sick in 2004 and at/after my hospital stay in 2005. At that point in time I wasn't even pre or borderline diabetic and at least for the 04 readings was only about 20-30lbs overweight. So, I asked the doctor if there was anything that could have been the initial cause of the thrombocytopenia and the liver enzyme levels that would have stayed with me... He knows i test negative for the Hep A, B, and C but as he said there are other variations beyond these that could have done something though it is hard to be sure as with testing negative well.. yeah. But does have me now looking in other directions for possible clues. He also said it should be fine for me to have Milk Thistle Tea especially if I am doing less than the "therapeutic" dose but if levels do improve perhaps do that - basically keep monitoring.
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