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Sorry for long delay...

I actually jut got all the rest of my results back though it was because I was busy not because they did not get them in. My sister had open heart surgery a week ago and before that there were a number of apts and since as she has lupus and a number of other problems that complicate things.

Onto the results

With the CBC that was done at the time of the BMB:
Platelets were at 84 (so higher than the 70's range I had been in but still much lower than my old average).
MPV (mean platelet volume) is still down at 6.8

The Morphology Analysis showed:
Hypocellular marrow with intact trilineage hematopoiesis
Iron stores are significantly decreased
Mild Poikilocytosis (spherocytes present)

Flow Cytometry (as I already mentioned in a previous note)
Normal just with the mild left-shift within myeloid cells

I am taking the b12 shots, metformin, and a multi-Vit with 100% dv Iron...

Next blood tests are not till October so will know then if this is working blood wise. I know since taking the b12 shots by energy and focus has been much better and I am not getting as many headaches.
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