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Hi Caregive, Thanks for the tip. Maybe we'll go to this conference. I have an appointment at SCCA. In the meantime, my local onc is saying he'd recommend Exjade as a first step. I'm okay with that, but I'm not wanting to start it until I see the specialist in Seattle. The oral cancer drug I'm on seems to have some potential contra-indications with chelation drugs. If I stop the oral cancer drug, or modify the dose my lymphoma could quickly return in full force. So I need to see what the specialist thinks. ... We'll know more in a month. After my consult and bone marrow biopsy in Seattle.

By the way, can anyone shed any light on why my CBCs often have "hypochromia" in the comments section, yet my iron levels are sky high? I thought hypochromic anemia meant iron deficient. Yet apparently I have hypochromic red cells. I get a CBC once a week, and this comment shows up about once every couple of months.
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