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Side Effects - Dacogen

None, really, I feel fatigued/washed out a couple days during and a day or so after treatments, but can't complain! I did get a blood clot near my port a couple years ago, but working fine since then, and that wasn't caused by the drug. Did have 1 infection in the 8 years, diverticulitis. But, I guess, no one knows "long-term" effects ??? I believe when I first started treatments in 2009 the drug was only 2-3 years old so there's really no statistical info; I feel good about being a pioneer and maybe my success will be encouragement for others!
66 yr female;diag 6/09; MDS, unspecified, normal cytogenetics: blasts 10%; successful Dacogen;every 4th wk.; as of Aug.'12 changing to every 5th wk., stable at Hgb 12-14/platelets 200-300/wbc 2.-3.

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