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Success with Dacogen

Thanx for your note! Possibly my success has been because of no genetic abnormalities and no other illnesses in my first 61 years of life, other than "seasonal allergies-hay fever). No family history (3 generations back) of any major illnesses. My mother is now 90 yrs and both grandmothers lived to be 95 and 97! Father and grandfathers 83+. I was exposed to water contamination while living on a military base as a child.

I believe that Vidaza and Dacogen are very similar drugs (methyltranferase inhibitors). But there needs to be more research regarding causes of MDS, genetics?, environmental? Some causes are known such as radiation and exposures to harmful chemicals.

I had heard of the possibility of injection therapy, but not in oral form. I'm going to investigate that clinical trial you mentioned.

I have met patients on Vidaza that have had very good success for many years. My regards to your husband that he will improve.
66 yr female;diag 6/09; MDS, unspecified, normal cytogenetics: blasts 10%; successful Dacogen;every 4th wk.; as of Aug.'12 changing to every 5th wk., stable at Hgb 12-14/platelets 200-300/wbc 2.-3.

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