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Hi Hopeful,

Thank you for your response.
My mom is 67 years old and she is still in the hospital at Colombia Hospital NYC. We live in NJ. She's been there since September 12 2017. She had ATG treatment September 27 till September 30. It's been 6 weeks since ATG and still Platelate (3 per week) and blood ( 1 every four days) transfusion dependent.

I myself don't agree with Campath treatment, I would prefer to wait for a few weeks (at least till the infections are cleared) to see any response from the ATG and Cyclosporine treatment. If there are no results from the first round of ATG, I would prefer a second round of ATG rather than Campath.

My biggest concern is that she's getting too many transfusions.
Is there a specific time period when Promacta needs to ba taken after ATG treatment to have better results?

We are hoping for the best.

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