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Failed Treatment of James Vaidyan

Originally Posted by joesmith View Post
It appears that Mr Vaidyan has managed to get a strong clientele of foreign patients and now he charges astronomical prices that are for sure out of the reach of the common man in India. Examples include demanding INR 10,000 (equivalent to $175 to $200) for a 10-day experimental treatment with no clarity on what the total treatment will cost. It is sad that patients and their loved ones are already undergoing so much physical and mental torture and then to have the stress of an unknown treatment with unknown costs is just not humane!!
We had tried medicine of James Vaidyan for my child having AML. We had given him one chemotherapy and his second chemotherapy was planned after 10 days. But my wife insisted to give him James Vaidyan's Ayurvedic treatment instead of chemo after seeing his ONLY positive testimonials on his web site. His medicine didn't worked and due to delay of 1 month in trying his medicine my son's AML disease relapsed and finally he expired as doctors said due to replase he had now only 15-20% chance of survival. Today we repent ourselves after this irreparable loss that we should had completed full course of chemotherapy and then only tried his medicine. Also he is very expensive, I had spent 1 lakh Indian rupees on his medicine for 1 month. He is so stingy that after paying him so much he will ask us to pay for his taxi fare upto airport. Even when my sons reports showed AML relapse, he says his nadi pariksha does not show any sign of disease. He cannot properly guide you about the blood reports also. Even when my son's platelets were continuously dropping during his treatment, he used to always says it will take some time for my son's bone marrow to recoup.
My experience says do not completely rely on him if you have more chances of saving with chemotherapy. Complete the curative treatment then only try for any other alternative medicine.
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