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Old Mon Feb 22, 2010, 10:29 PM
Deanna16 Deanna16 is offline
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Questions at Work??

Is my employer allowed to ask me about my health or specific questions about my health? I am the type of person who for 10 years has gone above and beyond, gave it 125% at all times (very often putting my work before my health and family). I do not "believe" in "I can't". I don't utter those words easily...they are evil. BUT I am now at a point in my life where my health and my family come first in that order, and then the third thing most important is that I keep my job because I have a family to feed. Having said that I took on a less stressful position in September when my company reorganized. (They took the job I had and made it into two full time positions, just to give you an idea of the workload I have had for years) I did not apply for the job that most resembled the one I had, I took something with less public relations and more office/computer work -- just in case I got too sick and had to work from home I would be able to and something that didn't require a fake pasted on smile all the time. However, they did not fill the other position and have had me filling in the gaps...essentially I have the same job! It is very frustrating and I have been VERY honest with them, they know my diagnosis. And now I feel like they are using my honesty against me. Needless to say I have not been sharing information anymore but I CANNOT keep up with the workload. I KNOW I CAN keep up with the workload of the job I applied for with no problem. It's all the additional tasks they have given me since they did not fill the other position. It's been very frustrating and the excuse I have gotten is, "well you are still part of that department" which I don't think is fair to me and is a detriment to the agency...which because of my loyalty to the agency is why I was so forthcoming in the first place....I didn't want to get to a point where I couldn't handle the work and cause the agency loss or produced poor work. i take great pride in what I do. But now I am being made to feel guilty and like my job is at stake because i am not meeting up to additional standards. I am in the US and I know there is the American Disabilities Act, but paying that card seems so wrong. But without it I am just "an employees at will" and I can be let go for any reason really I think. thoughts? Suggestions? Support, at least please LOL
~Dee~ ) 29yr, wife and mom of 3 :: Dx Moderate AA 9/09, treated with IV iron, currently "watch and wait" :: RBC,Platelets "ok" - low WBC and ANC
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