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Alternative Treatments Complementary and alternative medicine; natural and holistic approaches

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Old Fri Jun 12, 2015, 04:13 PM
nabhi nabhi is offline
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Originally Posted by cancerherbalist View Post
Ofcourse cancer cure is not an easy task. But there are many people who survive either with chemo / radio / alternate therapy. Each path has its own pros and cons. When legally no one can claim to cure CANCER, even the anticancer drugs approved to extend the life but not cure.

Here in Bangalore we offer turmeric and ginger based FOOD therapy with technological advancement. We don't claim cure, but if you are undergoing CTRT, it can provide multiple benefits of reducing hospital stay, pain, reduced drug requirement, reduced infection, increased efficacy of CTRT, reduced side effects of CTRT.

If you have doubt about CHEMO /RADIO success, you can include this Nutritional Therapy to increase the success rate.

If you don't have any option of therapy available, then also you can have best benefits.

The person working for this that is me; is not registered Ayurveda or Homeopathy or Sidda or Unani Physician. I am a pharmacologist cum Drug Discovery Scientist.

I don't charge any amount for consultation. I am more than happy to educate about the various alternate options available to save their life like

1. Ketogenic Therapy
2. Fasting Therapy
3. Alkalanising Therapy
4. Hyperthermia Therapy
5. Hyperbarric oxygen therapy
6. Anti angiogenic Therapy
7. Vitamin C Therapy
8. Anti-oxidants Therapy
9. Immunomodulator Therapy
10. Chilly Therapy

You can avail printouts of research reference articles or get them emailed after discussion.

There are many therapies which doesn't even cost a penny except learning. Don't give up the hope. My aim is to provide


You can call +91 88845 88835 if not answered, please leave message.
Originally Posted by joesmith View Post
Hello There - I know because I have had direct contact with James Vaidyan and went through the experience. I used the word "seems" as each case and treatment is different. Remember MDS is not a disease but relates to a collection of blood-related diseases. I just wanted to "alert" members of this forum trying to find alternate treatments for their loved ones of the associated costs but I did not want to "discourage" anybody that can afford it. As for the costs, I also clearly indicated that the common man in India cannot afford Ayurveda medicines costing Rs. 1000 per day. However Mr Vidyan has several clients mostly foreign nationals on medical tourism or NRI's who can easily afford his treatment. Probably his treatment is also working but I do not know for sure and cannot comment on that.

I also totally agree that for people who can afford, in your words "hundreds of thousands if not millions", $200 is pocket-change- nothing more than a drop in the ocean.

My loved one is battling MDS but we are unable to afford James Vaidyan's experimental treatment at this stage. "hundreds of thousands if not millions" and/or Rs. 1000/day for an experimental treatment which in Mr Vaidyan's own words may not work, is beyond our humble means.

This was my personal experience with Mr Vaidyan's treatment. We look forward to your "complete opinions" on how this treatment including costs worked in your case. Peace!

Joe Smith: Me and my friends are closely working with really needy patients in kolkata, India. They are undergoing conventional treatment. The bed charges are 1500 INR per day. Some injections are nearly 5000 INR each and AML patients need 2-3 per day. They need blood frequently where the hospital charges the patients 2700 INR per unit. We have donated about 70 units to two patients. Some of them have been adviced BMT. each BMT cost varies between 12,00,000 INR to 24,00,000 ($ 18500 to $37000). So I guess Vaidyan charges are simply peanuts...
I dont think the range of charges he is charging is really a big one..
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Old Sun Jul 16, 2017, 03:54 AM
Shashikumar Shashikumar is offline
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Failed AML treatment by James Vaidyan

We had tried ayurvedic medicine of Mr.James Vaidyan for my child having AML. We had given him one chemotherapy and his second chemotherapy was planned after 10 days. But my wife insisted to give him James Vaidyan's Ayurvedic treatment instead of chemo after seeing his only POSITIVE testimonials on his web site and speaking to his patients. His medicine didn't worked and due to delay of 1 month in trying his medicine my son's AML disease relapsed and finally he expired as doctors said he had only 15-20% chance of survival. Today we repent ourselves after this irreparable loss that we should had completed full course of chemotherapy and then only tried his medicine. Also he is very expensive, I spent 1 lakh rupees on his medicine for 1 month. He is so stingy that after paying him so much he will ask us to pay for his taxi fare. Even when my sons report showed AML relapse, he says his nadi pariksha shows no sign of disease. My sons platelets was continuously droping in his treatment, but he used to always say his bone marrow will take some time to recoup and finally disease relapsed. He cannot understand fully the terms used in CBC reports, so he cannot give u timely advise also.
Overall my experience says do not rely on him if you have more chances of saving with chemotherapy. Later on you can try alternative treatments.
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