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Transplants Bone marrow and stem cell transplantation

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Old Tue Feb 13, 2018, 07:43 PM
kyis kyis is offline
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Anyone get Stem cell boost from bone marrow

This such a wonderful site, I really should spend more time on it. My eyes and brain can only take so much abuse it seems.
I've been fighting low counts ever since pneumonia, icu and intubation about a year ago, just 3mos. after bmt. Now down again after cold and sinus infection a couple of months ago. Last bmb was good 100 donor, no disease and good cellularity.
We were pushing the zarxio pretty hard to get some white cells, then quit working and platelets started dropping, they were almost up to 200, now I'm singe digits with infusions sometimes daily. They thought not enough stem cells so we were robbing the marrow to make wbc, but ended up stealing from platelets. So we think.... Hgb has been returning well after infection. Only 1 infusion and now i'm back up in the 12's, So I feel pretty darn good considering my platelets were at 2 (2000) yesterday and still working around the house.
Apparently they can't count the stem cells? Really? and are thinking I need a boost. I guess its dli, but not sure. Apparently it is much better to get from peripheral blood and not bone marrow, but my donor will only give bone marrow if at all, so they will do their best to spin out the bad stuff to reduce gvhd. I've had enough fun with that stuff already.
So sorry for the long story but anyone have any resources on this procedure or issue of continual low counts. They switch me from 480 zarxio almost every day to 150 only once a week about 4mos. ago. I've had many days with 0 neutrofils, but better lately. Platelets <10, wbc about 1 give or take. Another bmb coming up.
Thanks and Love to All
Male 56, MDS 2008, pre SCT Hypocellular 5-30%, Normal Cytogenetics. WBC 500, anc 45, Blasts 15%, Platelets 45, HGB 7, RBCC 1.71, HCT 20.5, MCV 120. Became Transfusion dependent 3/2016. 5 cycles VIdaza started 3/14/16 which reduced Blast counts. . Marrow Transplant 9/1/16, Hereditary MDS/AML.
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