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Transplants Bone marrow and stem cell transplantation

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Old Sat Aug 9, 2014, 02:57 PM
pdiitdelhi0204 pdiitdelhi0204 is offline
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Mixed Chimerism and Stoping Cyclosporine level-Post transplant

+ 39 Days:
All is well and Arnav( My Son) played most of the time. Arnav's Chimerism report shows 81% donor and 19% recipient.Doctors were expecting 100% donor.They reduced the Cyclosporin dose to 50%, and slowly they will stop Cyclosporin. Cyclosporin is the main medicine to prevent GVHD.Chnaces of GVHD is more now but Arnav will fight this also.Now we started Cyclosporin dose of 25mg twice a day since last two days. Hope on Monday count will be little better.Pray for better count on Monday.

Arnav weight is 13 kg and from day 0 to day 37 he was taking 50mg two times a days.Now he is on 25mg two times a day.

What is dose of cyclosporing in post transplant patient to prevent GVHD and how long it is given in general.

Anybody has same experience of mixed chimerism and stoping Cyclosporine dose.
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Old Sat Aug 9, 2014, 04:25 PM
sbk007 sbk007 is offline
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Great news Arnav is doing well and feeling good. Happy to hear that.
The way I understand it is chimerism refers to the ratio of donor cells to recipient cells. From what I've observed on this board is that its not uncommon to have a mix after 30 days. In any case as you know cyclosporine suppresses the immune system in the hopes to prevent the immune system from attacking the donor cells(GVHD). However, by suppressing the immune system you might be preventing the immune system from attacking the "Bad cells". When they cut the dose of cyclosporine, the immune system can now eat the remaining "bad cells" so that you become 100% donor. There was one member on here that stopped taking a drug called prograf to reduce chimerism. Some doctors insist that a little GVHD is good for that reason. I hope that helps and continued success to Arnav and you as he recovers. Sounds like he is doing GREAT!! and will be in the clear soon.
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