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Pediatrics Treatment for juvenile patients

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Old Sat Apr 30, 2011, 06:36 PM
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Pediatric pre-BMT chemo doses???


I just posted a thread over at the "Transplant" section--my little girl has had very delayed blood count recovery after MUD BMT (for SAA in the setting of Dyskeratosis Congenita). We are now at day+81 and her ANC is still 0.26, WBC 2.0, platelets 5, Hgb low 60s, and reticulocyte count of 50 (too low for her situation, ie abnormally normal).

We have been trying to figure out why! Her doctors keep telling us to "just wait a little longer" week after week, but frankly I'm starting to not sure I believe that anymore at this late point in time.
Does anyone have experience with typical doses of the chemo drugs for a pediatric age group? She had Campath, Fludarabine, and 1 day of Melphalan, and I can't seem to find on the web what are typical pediatric doses for these drugs--I'm exploring the possibility that perhaps she was given a higher dose that has caused her prolonged and profound low counts (particulary Campath). Medical websites keep stating that "pediatric indications and safety profiles are not well established", and with no typical dose protocol. The other issue is that at day +81, she hasn't even had any re-growth of her hair on her head (which of course we promised her through her tears would re-grow soon and may even come back in rainbow colors, her favorite).

HELP! More details on the "transplant" section if needed.
Thank you!!!
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