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Transfusions and Iron Overload Blood and platelet transfusions, iron testing and treatments

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Old Tue Apr 26, 2011, 02:43 AM
Neel Neel is offline
Join Date: Dec 2010
Location: delhi india
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Platelet refactoriness

Hi ppl,

I wanted to know that after how many transfusion does the platelet becomes refactory, i mean there is no response even after transfusion of platelet ?

My father is severely platelet defficient, he requires arnd 1 unit asperisis ( from cell seprator nachine from a donor) in a week. Are there ppl who are this dependent on platelets here ?

Kind regards,

Father age 64 diagnosed with MDS RAEB-2, with 15%-18% blasts in October 2010. Only had blood and platelet transfusions. Ayurvedic treatment which showed result for arnd 5 months. Started Tahlidomide 100 mg started on 22 nd April 2011. Revolade 50 mg started on 2 nd april 2012.
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Old Tue Apr 26, 2011, 07:39 AM
Marlene Marlene is offline
Join Date: Oct 2006
Location: Springfield, VA
Posts: 1,351
John was dependent on platelets for 22 months. Some transfusions worked better than others in that he would really good bumps from some and none from others. Some get refractory after just a few so you really cannot predict when or if it will happen. Even when he got a good response from them, they still didn't last very long. Your own platelets last only about 10 days so the ones you get transfused have a reduced lifespan.
Marlene, wife to John DX w/SAA April 2002, Stable partial remission; Treated with High Dose Cytoxan, Johns Hopkins, June 2002. Final phlebotomy 11/2016. As of January 2017, FE is 233, HGB 11.7, WBC 5.1/ANC 4.0, Plts 146K.
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Old Tue Apr 26, 2011, 09:46 AM
Neil Cuadra Neil Cuadra is offline
Join Date: Jul 2006
Location: Los Angeles, California
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Here's are some forum threads with additional information:
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Old Tue Apr 26, 2011, 10:44 AM
bebop bebop is offline
Join Date: May 2010
Location: Maysville Ga
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my Dad went platelet dependent really fast. started out 1 unit per week and ended up 4 per week. ultimately they ended up not working at all for him.
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Old Sun Apr 21, 2013, 12:22 PM
Grifmat Grifmat is offline
Join Date: Apr 2013
Location: Andover, CT
Posts: 46
My mom is platelet transfusion dependent and she was diagnosed only 4 weeks ago. The other day she got 5 units of platelets and her platelets went from 21 to 15. Yes, you read that right. They are starting her on HLA platelets which I believe are crossmatched and they are supposed to be better and they are the next step once a patient becomes refractory. I don't know to much about it all but I hope your dad gets better. I feel so helpless sometimes...I just want to make my mom all better. I wish you and your dad well.
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